Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A true love story never ends

September 27, 2011

I love you
I can say it a million times
but love is an action

I love you
I can say it a million times
but you wont believe me

Close your eyes late at night when you in your bed alone,
I know you can feel me
Feel the vibrations of my essence bounce around your head
flow through your veins
race threw your mind

My soul has engraved my name into your heart
She whispers my name
and at times i can hear her cry out my name
I feel you deep, telepathectically...
Its our connection, the way we mesh into one

You just cant let go
I cant let go
Living on the memories
breathing for the sake of hope
that our love
will find its way home...

Home is what we had,
home is when we are together
home is where we laid our heads everynight
as you feel a sleep on my chest
listening to the deep sound of my heartbeating
whispering, "Your Home"....

No one understands...
No one comprehends the depth our souls have went
they danced, they played, and they laughed
We were in our world, our own dimension, where our love was the only reality
the only truth to our existence
I believed in you, and you believed in me...
a love so true

Love is the only truth...

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