Wednesday, October 7, 2009


They say leave judgement to God...

and that is if you believe in God. but honestly.... how hard is it to go through the day without judging or criticizing a person, place or thing... that doesnt fit into our views, our "ideas" of what normal life is. 

We only know life through our own lil box. Our box which was created by our own personally upbringings and experiences. dont forget to add our parents thoughts and religious views we were brought up in. They impact our views as adults and affect our "ideas" of how people should look, act, and be

Nothing is ever gonna fit into our "ideal' person, place, or thing. Be it a person, place or thing. Acceptance is the only answer to have true peace of mind. remember everything is exactly the way it is suppose to be at this moment cause nothing happens by mistake in Gods world.   Accept that you don't understand the person, place or situation... and just move forward.  Look at it as a new learning experience. You are being exposed to something you are unfamiliar with. don't judge, criticize, or condemn. Take a moment of silence, bite our lip... and smile (really really big) try for just a second to look outside your minuscule (itty bitty witty) box, and be open to change.  Cause honestly, judgement and criticism breaks down to the root of "FEAR".  Your own insecurities within yourself are being projected on others.

I have met a few people in my life, who I have never heard them judge or criticize... they just lay back and let people, places, and things be... 

So for today I am not gonna judge.... condemn... or criticize... I'm gonna look outside my Lil box and accept people, places, and situations as they are.  We are all on different paths, to different destinations... I love my life... why shouldn't I support someone else who loves theirs?

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