Monday, February 21, 2011

Mood swings

It is 12:21 am. It was sunday 21 minutes ago and now its Monday. As though I really have interest in what day of the week it is, unless I have some exciting plans I have to look forward too. The heater in my apartment is blasting. I think its set to 78 degrees, could always pretend I'm in Africa with how damn hot it gets in here, but I'm too tired to get up and turn it off. I'm lying in my bed on my back with my computer proped up on my chest on a pillow. I need one of those laptop computer pillow/desk things I see all the time on that info commercial for AS SEEN ON TV products. My big fat grey, black, n white long haired cat, seems to have laid himself out on the entire right side of my bed. So I guess I will be sleeping on the left side. My chihuahua is curled up at my feet in between my legs so I cant roll over or move my legs.... cool ha? lol NOT! Anyways on to more important details and topics like how damn bitchy i was all week cause of this RAW food diet I have switched to. I am definately leaning up, but at the cost of trying to starve myself and eat as little as possible. I am obsessed with getting skinny. It's all I can think about at times. those tall anorexic runway models and the sucked in, deathlike look of their skeletal face. Kinda sick, I know, but thats where my mind goes lol. Well as a result of this starvation, I am one huge BITCH, on edge, and super snappy!!! I ate the entire day yesterday stuffing my face with all my favvy raw food. and guess what? Yup! you guessed!! my energy was up the roof, and I was in a happy mood!!! Not so much for today though, I havent ate much and feel my mood slipping low into a WARNING ZONE. lol warning zone ha ha ha thats a good code word i will post for my mood. Ok I just stopped by to vent, its bed time and I am tired. I went to church this morning, great message, which i will go into tomorrow ona a new blog when I am awake and not falling asleep. I always wake up smiling and positive!!! So lets go to bed!!!!!! fastt!!!!! lol nitey nites

The hotter the fire... the greater the pain... the closer you are to your blessing. So HOLD ON, you are close to giving birth to something new, something beyond your imagination... Stay faithful and obediant.... loving and caring... cause new levels of victory are right around he corner!!!!!! Copied this from another blog of mine last year. Gotta keep telling my self this!!!


  1. If you want to lose weight, you need to combine a good fitness plan with a good nutrition plan. If you don't have both, you won't get the results you are looking for.

    Here are somethings you may want to remember about eat... starving yourself affects your energy levels.

    Eat Vegetables: Eat things that aren't canned.
    Eat lean protein: Chicken, Tuna, Protein Weigh, nuts.
    Avoid: Grains and pasta.
    Avoid: Things that are frozen/fried/processed.
    Avoid: Juice/Sports drinks.

    I think that's enough for you to think about.

  2. Opps, i forgot, fruits are great too.

  3. Hello Kiara, I would just like to say you look amazing! Also, are you Indian?